GeoKids Early Childhood Development Center


GeoKids is hiring!


early Childhood Educator

Full-time job
345 Middlefield Rd, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Bring your talents and energies to work as a staff member in a renowned, nationally-accredited childcare center. GeoKids is a parent cooperative, dedicated to building alliance between parents, children, and caregivers. GeoKids is a play-based, Reggio Emilia inspired childcare program for children ages 3 months to 5 years.

Qualified candidates will have a degree in Early Childhood Education or related field, with 1 or more years working in Early Childhood. Experience with infants and toddlers is a plus. Familiarity with the philosophies of the schools of Reggio Emilia is preferred, and a willingness to study more is required.

Candidates also with have the ability to:
* Demonstrate an understanding of the developmental stages and needs of young children and support them in a gentle and nurturing manner;
* Participate as a member of our community and teaching team in which collaboration, dialogue, and exchange are practiced values;
* Possess the knowledge, understanding, and successful execution of learning strategies, which support all students in learning to use their minds well;
* Learn the technology required to document the experiences of children and adults as well as support the documentation of student/classroom experiences;
* Value parents as important partners in the work of the school by maintaining frequent contact and have the ability to work with them in the classroom;
* Bring a willingness to learn and grow with other members of the school community by participating in staff development opportunities


When I began working at GeoKids I was looking for a place where I could grow. GeoKids opened its doors to me and my family. It’s helped me grow professionally and personally. GeoKids is like family...they have been supportive of my professional goals as well as personal. The icing on the cake? I am able to have my baby girl in their infant program where I am at ease knowing she will thrive and is in the best hands possible (after mommy’s of course).
— GeoKids educator